Cards By Sandra

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Hand painted.
Totally unique.

You’ll not find anything like them on the market.  Each card has a spirit and vibration of its own.

Handmade means no two cards are exactly alike. 


"Late fall of 2022 I started looking around for Christmas cards for close friends and family. I found nothing on the market that spoke to me. So I asked my good friend and former coworker artist DJ Brandal to come up with a custom design."


    This card touched my soul. I sent ten cards to my “besties” and each one reached out to tell me how much they loved them.

    Heart Of The Father

    After their fabulous reactions, I asked D.J. to design an encouragement card using the “Heart of the Father” image he did years ago and had it enlarged into a print (which is framed and displayed in my home).  I asked him to hand letter the message of God’s grace.

    All our designs were spirit led from prayer & meditation.

    This too was well received, so we went on to design a Birthday/encouragement card.  I spend time in prayer & meditation each day.  The message I received was that people need to be reminded that they are greatly loved and appreciated.

    The inside is blank, so it may be used for birthday, congratulations or encouragement.  We later came up with the idea of an insert bound by elastic rose gold cord (our signature ribbon) for a customized message in calligraphy.

    No cards are exactly alike. That’s the beauty of our hand made, hand painted products. 

    So, just like that, I’ve got a card business...

    One day DJ said to me, “Dude, you’ve got a card company! Come up with a name.” 

    “Father Spirit” is the name DJ had used on many of his designs, and that name was considered, but he encouraged me to use my own name, like “Sandee’s Cards”.  I prayed about it and did some research.  It turned out that name was already in use.  I searched domain names and took “Cards by Sandra” even though I almost always go by Sandee (you have to smile when you say it!).

    Daily Inspiration

    My mind works constantly coming up with design ideas.  Scripture is my main source of inspiration, but song lyrics and simple conversation often spark an idea. Sometimes D.J. is the one who has the concept idea and I write the copy.


    Church Lady Card Collection

    People are always making suggestions.  My husband Mike has some great ideas e.g., how about card sets or maybe you could use cards as a fundraising tool. After mulling on this and interviewing religious articles shop managers, I designed a set of cards for the church: Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Happy Birthday Father, Happy Birthday Deacon and Anniversary of Ordination.  

    Anyway, this is our creative process. In our first year we created 30+ designs!